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Our SaaS platforms work with your existing claims/legacy systems to connect everyone in your claim workflow from first notification of loss all the way to completion. The result? Faster, cheaper claims and a better customer experience – isn’t that something we all want?





End to end claims management

Manages insurance claims by connecting everyone in a claim from first notification through to completion.

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Property assess & repair

Manages the entire assessment and repair lifecycle of property insurance claims.

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Motor assess & repair

Manages the entire assessment and repair lifecycle of motor insurance claims.

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Live video & collaboration

Instantly connects your business to customers and field staff via their mobile devices.

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Remote virtual assessing service

Connects our desktop assessors directly with policyholders to inspect & assess their claims using LiveLogik.

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Digital repair network

Connects insurers directly to a pre-vetted trade & contractor network to carry out insurance repairs for their customers.

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Catastrophe weather event planning

Critical proactive communications with your policyholders to manage weather and catastrophe events.

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Ready to transform your claims?

To learn how our SaaS platforms can transform your claims workflow, contact:

Greg Johnson, Head of Distribution
M: 0447 477 525

Want to learn more about virtual claims? Download the white paper by Brian Siemsen, Global CEO of Claim Central Consolidated: Virtual Claims in a Post-Covid World: Are You Equipped to Manage Claims Remotely? (9 minute read)




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