COVID-19 update from Claim Central Consolidated

05 August, 2020 

Update regarding the current COVID situation in Victoria.

Stage 4 restrictions have been announced for Melbourne Metropolitan, coming into effect from 11:59pm on Wednesday 5 August. Stage 3 restrictions will be put in place for the rest of Victoria.

Claim Central is committed to continuing to help your customers throughout this time, whilst also protecting our staff and trades.

Based on our current guidelines and detail, insurance assessments, repairs and make safes can continue as critical repairs to residential premises, where required for emergency or safety. All works will be completed with a COVID Safe Plan.

To ensure the safety of all customers, we have held briefing sessions with our assessors and trade/supplier network with a reminder of our COVID-19 policy and procedures, including a reminder to not attend any sites if they are unwell or have been in a COVID hotspot in the previous 14 days. We have also requested our assessors and trades/suppliers to contact customers as they approaching the residence.

We are currently conducting a review of all open jobs in Metropolitan Melbourne, and have/will be contacting the customers to ensure they are comfortable with continuing their assessments and/or repairs. We will also continue to ask customers about their exposure to COVID prior to any assessors or trades attending site. Should any customers request their repairs be placed on hold, we will work with them to arrange a suitable time once restrictions have eased.

Our priority during this time is to ensure customers are safe and secure in their properties, and protecting the health and safety of our customers, assessors and trades.

As this situation evolves, and further clarification is received, we will continue to update you.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please Matthew Lawrence at .

09 April, 2020 

CCC continues to be very responsive and our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) continues to be executed with precision and rifle focus. COVID-19 continues to disrupt the industry and world, however we are committed more than ever to ensure our people, customers, clients and supply partners are considered in all our responses.

We want to let all of our clients and business partners know that as an essential service provider, we are operating in a business-as-usual capacity during the pandemic.

How we are responding with our TPA, property repair and motor repair services: 

  • We are in a ‘Business as Usual’ state after the Insurance Council of Australia confirmed we are deemed an essential service
  • Our BCP is 100% operational with the entire CCC workforce globally operating remotely (from home)
  • We are very pleased to report that that all phones, internet, hardware, infrastructure is in full surge and is coping with the load and performing
  • Phones have been operational and phone stats have been at an acceptable level with some spikes in call volumes being experienced across different parts of the day. We continue to provide phone reporting stats to the clients that request it. 
  • Productivity levels are being maintained and the team are really doing their part to support this response
  • We have offered family friendly shift timeslots for the staff with school children at home which continues to work really well
  • Scripting and process remains in place across all our property and motor lines to ensure we protect our people, our trades, our service providers and customers
  • Trades and suppliers – we are ensuring that all suppliers are adhering to government guidelines around social distancing etc to ensure the safety and comfort of your customers
  • We have also provided ‘authorised worker’ identification to our trade base to minimise any disruptions to their travel and site access
  • The cross functional team continues to catchup daily. This team is responsible for any rapid response requirements, will make clear decisions, monitor and take control of the situation
  • Our Global CEO Brian Siemsen continues to send out daily videos which focus on motivation, health & wellbeing, operational updates, performance updates and special announcements. These are proving to be very successful and keeping the staff informed.
From a tech perspective we’re also seeing a huge spoke in demand from our clients for our remote video assessing capability, including:

  • LiveLogik, our live video streaming and collaboration platform – the most feature-rich product on the market. LiveLogik allows us to continue on with assessing and customer visual contact if a property cannot be accessed (face to face)
  • We’ve also expanded our Virtual Inspections as a Service offering to cope with the huge surge in demand from insurers – VIaaS involves CCC’s remote desktop assessors connecting directly with policyholders to inspect and assess their claims using LiveLogik

We continue to remain 100% focused on delivering in this time where the industry is still responding to business as usual claims and the back to back CAT’s that we have experienced in the recent past.

Again we want to reinforce that we are pushing a ‘One Team’ mentality and as individuals we all have shared responsibilities, to our role, to each other as colleagues, to the business and to the Australian economy.

For further information on Claim Central Consolidated’s COVID-19 response, please contact Matthew Lawrence at

5 secrets to easier claims

Since 2001, Claim Central Consolidated has been a champion of creating easier, faster and cheaper claims outcomes for insurers, brokers and their customers. Here we take the 10,000ft view of what we believe are the 5 key secrets to easier claims.

1. Customer connection is #1

Everybody seems to share the same problems when it comes to insurance claims – lack of visibility, poor communication and very little connection to what’s happening in the claim. All too often, claim staff get so swamped with menial tasks and admin that the customer gets forgotten and frustrated.

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) (London), Public Trust Index, 2018, found that the top priorities of insurance customers are:

  • Having a claim settled quickly (76%)
  • Having a claim handled in a respectful manner (71%)
  • Having control over the way a claim is settled (69%)

Trust is the key to a great claim experience and the best way to build trust is through more visibility and better communication to create a more connected claim experience – before, during and after the claim.

Claim Central’s emphasis on building trust through technology has helped Insurx, our TPA claims management business, achieve industry-leading results in 2019 – with a +52 Net Promoter Score for one major client and an 87% home insurance claims satisfaction rating for another – results that have been almost unthinkable up until now.

A few examples of ways you can help your customer to feel in control of their claim:

  • Real-time customer sentiment & feedback – allowing customers to give feedback at every stage of their claim in real-time helps keep the claim on track and pre-emptively mitigates the risk of a poor experience.
  • Customer portal access – allowing customers to see where their claim is at and what the next steps are to finalise the claim. When there is a vacuum of information the customer tends to assume the worst – but by presenting complete transparency they know they have nothing to fear.
  • Keep it quick and simple – allowing the customer to sign and upload documents digitally, make excess payments via their mobile, or connect in real-time via video streaming, are all ways to make the customer’s life easier.

2. Take advantage of technology

Technology alone is not a magic bullet to achieving better claim outcomes – if it’s not based on a strategy of ‘customer-first’ coupled with a strong digital foundation and workflow, you won’t be able to achieve a connected claim experience.

A good example of this is our live video and collaboration platform LiveLogik, which allows claims to be finalised in a fraction of the time of the traditional process. With features such as live video streaming, digital document signing, mobile excess payments, on-screen measurements and drone integration, the first 72 hours of a claim are drastically reduced through real-time connection between the customer and claims manager. By integrating LiveLogik into our workflow and our claims management ecosystem (including ClaimLogik and Hello Claims), and by proactively providing desktop assessing capacity to handle the additional volume of this channel, we are able to take full advantage of LiveLogik’s capabilities. Without this integration into the core digital foundation of the business, the benefits would be greatly reduced.

Some technology innovations to look for in the next twelve months include:

  • AI – utilising predictive analytics pre-event and post-event to reduce losses and cut cycle times
  • Digital workers that far outperform their human counterparts in redundant repeatable tasks
  • VR technology not only at claim time but also for training purposes

3. Take control of your supply chain

Your suppliers are the lifeblood of any claim and taking control of your supply chain through digital channels is a key way to not only improve your claims process, but create scalability also. A few examples include:

  • Competitive tendering – setting up your ecosystem to optimise the tendering process through competition, is a key way to drive down claims cost on both materials and labour.
  • Digital scorecarding – by measuring every interaction between your supplier and the customer, you are better able to track the quality of their work and also their professionalism and customer service. What’s more, by tying scorecard results into your allocation process you can proactively drive better performance through incentivisation.
  • Digital access – allowing trades to participate digitally through the entire claim process not only drives engagement but also improves lifecycles. From initial onboarding, through to online claim tracking, photo & document uploads, live video streaming and invoicing – you make their lives easier which makes your life easier.

4. Generating insights from your data

Over the last couple of years the integration of data models and insights into the claims process has moved from descriptive and diagnostic reporting (which retrospectively tells you what happened and why); to a more predictive and prescriptive model. Predictive analytics helps you anticipate what will happen, while prescriptive analytics helps you to respond effectively to those likely events. So the data analytics journey within claims is evolving from a reactive one to a more proactive one. In essence, we as an industry can put data into the hands of frontline staff who can consume it to determine the best outcomes for customers and clients.

For Claim Central Consolidated, our ability to analyse claims data to identify bottlenecks has seen huge improvements in our long-tail claims reduction. In 2019, through our data analysis, we were able to pinpoint specific pain points in claims greater 60 days and take the appropriate measures – resulting in a reduction of 74% in open long-tail claims over a 3 month period.

An integrated data and analytics strategy can help you to:

• Connect data from multiple sources to create a 360° view of a claim
• Define lead and lag indicators for your key claim KPIs
• Prepare, respond and review catastrophe events through comprehensive weather event monitoring
• Estimate duration targets and cost targets at claim level and segment level
• Plan capacity and utilisation
• Use predictive models to optimise customer, cost and lifecycle outcomes across your claim segments
• Enable early intervention to reduce the impact of ‘off-track’ claims

5. Lifecycle, lifecycle, lifecycle

Like it or not, claim performance outcomes are a direct function of lifecycle. The longer the claim, the greater the cost, the unhappier the customer. As we all know, keeping lifecycle at front of mind is key.

One of the key influencers of total lifecycle is the first 72 hours of a claim when first notification, mitigation and emergency response take place. One of the ways to improve lifecycle at this early stage and get the claim off to a fast start is by using technology that encourages quick and easy interaction between the customer and the repairer or insurer.

Our live video streaming and collaboration platform, LiveLogik, has provided enormous results to our claims performance at Claim Central Consolidated. In 2019 our property repair average time from claim decision to receiving excess and signed scope of works was just 5.5 days (a 68% reduction compared to 17.4 days using traditional methods). Tellingly, 30% of these are received within just 3 hours and 58% within 1 day.

The Future

What will claims look like in 10 years? How much of the claim process will be handled by humans, and how much will be technology-led through robotics and digital workers? How smart will technology be in not only completing processes and tasks, but feeding information into data models to create a continuous loop of improvement?

We’re looking to the next horizon and it’s a lot closer for insurers and brokers than a lot of people think if they are willing to implement a sound digital foundation and a smart workflow methodology. The industry needs to move from a ‘bolt-on’ mentality of piecing together disparate widgets and platforms, to a ‘vision-first’ mentality – starting from the ground up to understand their vision and operational model before integrating the relevant technology to help achieve that vision.

To learn more, please contact:
Matthew Lawrence | Head of Partnerships
+61 401 063 828

Security First Insurance Selects ClaimLogik to Power Digital Claims Transformation

Jacksonville, FL – February 15, 2018 – Claim Central Consolidated (CCC), a global pioneer in digital claims fulfilment and live video streaming, is pleased to announce the company has been selected as the technology partner to power the digital claims transformation for one of Florida’s largest property and casualty (P&C) insurers, Security First Insurance (Security First).

Named one of Florida’s best places to work by Florida Trend Magazine in 2017, Security First provides homeowners’, condominium and renters insurance across the state. The company has earned a reputation for developing and investing in technology which transforms the customer experience. Over the last nine months, Security First has been exploring claim technology to improve the claim customer experience while lowering claim and operational costs.

“We have a network of strategic partners that enables us to maintain a competitive advantage and deliver an incomparable experience to our customers,” said Werner Kruck, chief operating officer for Security First Insurance. “While exploring potential claim technology partners, we were not only looking for innovation, but also a cultural fit. Claim Central, like Security First, has a vision of transforming the insurance experience, and we are not only adopting the ClaimLogik technology, we’re also reorganizing our operations and implementing their claim management methodology. It’s a major initiative that is going to deliver powerful results both internally and externally, and for the long term.”

Security First is planning to complete the integration by the end of the year. ClaimLogik is an additional layer of technology that will be integrated into the company’s existing claim management system. This implementation will enable Security First’s internal users, external distribution channel partners, and customers to more efficiently connect with the company’s established ecosystem of adjusters, emergency services, and restoration providers on a single platform. The ClaimLogik implementation will also enable Security First to provide complete transparency into the claim process from first notice of loss (FNOL) through to resolution, while enhancing the service experience for customers.

“The ClaimLogik digital ecosystem is something we have never seen before in the U.S. insurance market, yet it easily integrates into our existing claim administration system,” said Kruck. “The flexibility of the technology was very important to us and trying something new, well, that’s just part of our corporate DNA. ClaimLogik will give our customers greater control of the claim process and it will allow them to more quickly restore their properties through a seamless claims experience.”

“In a technology-driven, customer-centric world, insurers are continuously looking for ways to transform the way claims are managed to remain competitive and relevant to their customers,” said Brian Siemsen, global CEO for CCC. “We are delighted Security First has selected ClaimLogik as its technology of choice for this claim transformation project. The process transparency, speed of settlement, and improvement in operational efficiencies will give Security First Insurance a competitive edge now and well into the future.”

# # #

Claim Central opens new Darwin office to support their clients in the Northern Territory

Tuesday 5 December, 2017: Pioneers of digital claims management and live video streaming across the Asia Pacific, Claim Central, today announced it has opened a new office in Darwin to better serve underwriters, brokers and their customers in the Northern Territory.

Wade Eilersen, General Manager – Loss Adjusting Services, Claim Central said: “The opening of the Darwin office means we can better provide easy access to our end-to-end digital claims management and loss adjusting services for all lines of business in the region.

“Our experienced team provides support in all areas of claims management from: receipt of initial instructions, customer contact, claims triage, repair management, settlement right through to the closure of a claim,” he said.

The Claim Central Northern Territory team services Darwin and surrounding areas including Katherine, Alice Springs, Jabiru, and Tenant Creek. In Western Australia, the team will serve Kununurra, Broome and Port Headland, and the islands and gulf country of Northern Queensland.

“Each of these areas is vibrant and what makes the top-end unique. We look forward to engaging with these business communities and better supporting the needs of our clients and their customers,” Mr Eilersen concluded.

The Darwin office is located at Suite C106/19 Kitchener Drive, Darwin.

Claim Central announces three-year partnership with Metroll to reduce average repair costs for trades and insurers

Tuesday, 3 October, 2017:
Pioneers of digital claims management and live video streaming across the Asia Pacific, Claim Central, today announced a three-year strategic partnership with Australia’s leading manufacturer of metal building materials, Metroll.

Under the agreement, Claim Central’s trades and suppliers will have priority of orders and access to discounted roofing, cladding, rainwater, structural and fencing materials.

Travis Dale, Head of Operations, Australia and New Zealand, Claim Central, said: “We’re delighted to have signed a three-year partnership with Metroll, a well-managed Australian business which is renowned for developing high-quality building materials.

“We’re consistently looking for ways to meet more of the needs of our clients through continuous improvement. By forging partnerships with our suppliers, we’re enhancing our supply chain process by providing greater value to our trades, and reducing the average repair claims costs for insurers,” he said.

Paul Jensen, National Business Development Manager, Metroll, said: “Our partnership with Claim Central was a natural fit for us as we pride ourselves on providing building solutions and high quality building products to trades.”

Aviso Group to adopt digital claims management solution to provide brokers with real control over the claims process

Aviso Group

Wednesday, 13 September 2017, (Sydney, AEST):
Pioneers of digital claims management and live video streaming across the Asia Pacific, Claim Central Consolidated (CCC), today announced Australia’s leading broking group, Aviso, will adopt ClaimLogik to digitalise the claims process for their broker network and clients.

Claim Central Consolidated Chief Executive Officer, Brian Siemsen, said: “We are excited to be onboarding our ClaimLogik technology into the Aviso Group.

“By providing complete transparency and full line of sight for all parties in a claim, we are redefining the claims process for Aviso. This will lead to a more informed claims process for brokers, and a better service experience for their clients,” Mr Siemsen said.

Aviso Group Chairman, Barry Fitzpatrick, said: “In a world where businesses are constantly reviewing how to remain relevant to their client base and improve customer experience, an insurance claim is a great opportunity for a broker to demonstrate how they add value to their clients.

“The innovative ClaimLogik solution will provide our broker network with a framework to have real control over the claims process, enabling them to better manage claims for their clients,” Mr Fitzpatrick concluded.

The platform enables insurers, brokers and policyholders to connect with a supply chain of assessors, insurance builders and emergency services – in a logical sequence of automated activity on one platform. It produces information and data which creates a continuous loop of improvement on claims cost, claims handling, quality of repair and customer service.

LiveLogik honoured at the Australian Business Awards 2017

Today Claim Central Consolidated is thrilled to announce we’ve been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for New Product Innovation for the research and development of LiveLogik in The Australian Business Awards 2017.

Now in its 12th year, The Australian Business Awards are an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement via a set of comprehensive award categories. The program seeks to engage with the world’s business, innovation and technology leaders through a global recognition and knowledge building initiative that is underpinned by the program’s established framework.

Brian Siemsen, Chief Executive Officer, Claim Central Consolidated, said: “We are delighted to be recognised for our achievements in the research and development of LiveLogik. As pioneers of live video streaming across the Asia Pacific, we’re constantly innovating and looking for new ways to improve LiveLogik’s capabilities for our clients and their customers.”

The award-winning live video streaming solution, enables a desk-based claims assessor to see what the policyholder sees, and gather critical information during the first notification of loss process when managing an insurance claim. The accessibility and accuracy of LiveLogik speeds up the claims process, lifecycle and cost for insurers, and ultimately provides a better service experience for the policyholder.

Click here for more information on the 2017 ABA100 Winners.

Ando partners with ClaimLogik to deliver New Zealand’s first digital ecosystem for property claims

Partnership set to transform the way property claims are managed for New Zealand policyholders

Tuesday, 1 August, 2017, (Sydney, AEST): Pioneers of live video claims handling and digital claims management across the Asia Pacific, Claim Central Consolidated (CCC), today announced progressive New Zealand Underwriting Agency Ando has selected ClaimLogik as the technology that will revolutionise its property claims fulfilment processes.

The partnership is part of a broader strategy for Ando to enhance its operational efficiencies, and ultimately transform the way claims are managed in New Zealand through digitalisation.

The ClaimLogik platform enables insurers, brokers, and policyholders to efficiently connect with a supply chain of assessors, insurance builders and emergency services on a single platform. The complete transparency of the claims process from customer lodgement through to finalisation, ultimately results in a better service experience for policyholders.

Claim Central Consolidated Chief Executive Officer, Brian Siemsen, said: “We are delighted Ando has selected our digital claims platform, ClaimLogik, as their technology of choice to manage their property insurance claims.

“By providing complete transparency and full line of sight for all parties in a claim, we are redefining the claims process for Ando. This will lead to a more informed claims process for brokers, and better service experience for their clients.

“The process transparency and speed of settlement that ClaimLogik provides will present Ando with a strong competitive edge in the New Zealand market,” Mr Siemsen said.

Ando Chief Executive Officer, John Lyon, said: “As an innovative and progressive insurer, digitalisation is critical. Embedding ClaimLogik into our business will allow us to deliver on our commitment to our customers, to make things faster, simpler and more convenient.”

The partnership will commence in the last quarter of 2017.

Hello Claims announces three-year partnership with ATL Insurance Group to manage claims of its taxi business

Monday, 19 June, 2017: Hello Claims, pioneers of live video streaming and digital claims management for the motor insurance industry, today announced a three-year partnership with ATL Insurance Group (ATL), to manage insurance claims of its taxi business nationally.

Following a successful two-month proof of concept trial, Hello Claims will implement its innovative smart assessing and digital claims management platform to manage and repair taxis for ATL, which will reduce the average repair lifecycle of its claims significantly. Through this process, assessments will be completed within 48 hours, and repairs will be completed within an average of five days, providing a better service experience for ATL’s policyholders.

Nick Herford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hello Claims, said: “We are excited to be partnering with ATL, a well-managed business which has a 20-year heritage of providing protection for taxi drivers.

“Our innovative and unique approach to managing claims through a combination of exceptional service, and our digital claims solution will significantly reduce operational cost and lifecycle of ATL’s claims, while enabling taxi drivers to get back on the road faster,” he said.

Steve Nichols, Chief Executive Officer, ATL, said: “Our partnership with Hello Claims is a positive step forward for our business, as we digitalise our claims management function. The data from the digital platform also enable’s us to see and manage risks as they occur across the supply chain, helping us to make more informed business decisions,” Mr Nichols said.

“As a disruptor to the motor insurance industry, we are dedicated to continual improvement of our technology, that will provide our clients with a strong competitive edge, now and well into the future,” Mr Herford concluded.