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Technology in Insurance and Claims Management

Advanced insurance technology (Insurtech) is already a fundamental part of the property and motor industry, for both insurers and insureds. Insurance technology is primed to mature even more in 2021 and future years to come. In recent years, the insurance industry has been in the heart of a technology shift. Addressing many of the concerns brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recently asked our team where their thoughts on technology in Insurance. These were their responses.


Daniel Hammelswang – Major Loss and Complex Claims Field Supervisor

Programs like Livegenic are really changing the industry and the way we assess and manage claims. I’m incredibly proud to be working for a company that’s on the forefront of this change, and it really is just improving insurance industry and the way we manage claims.

Lead Ahern – National Assessing Team Leader

I think in a lot of ways, technology is the future of insurance. So, what technology enables us to do as a business and more specifically, us as an assessing team. It empowers our people, enables us to get the best possible outcomes for our customers being both the insured and insurers, it feeds the data that we see in our Pin boards and enables us to really capture that risk and clearly analyse where we are.

Technology also enables us to connect the broker, the trade, the insured and the insurer all on one platform which is fairly unique in the industry.

Lux Ramachandran – Global Head of Risk, Compliance and Audit

Technology is the now of insurance. Leaders like Claim Central are at the forefront of the industry. We are really going to demonstrate to our customers the importance of technology and driving those advances and the benefits that they will receive from that.

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