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Virtual Inspections as a Service (VIaaS)

Helping insurers address the impacts of COVID-19

The problem….

Not knowing when social distancing restrictions will be relaxed, insurers need claims solutions that help them operate in a remote working environment and scale their operations to meet changing demands influenced by government directives, customer expectations or catastrophic weather events.

The solution….
Claim Central’s Virtual Inspections as a Service (VIaaS) enables insurers to secure inspections and damage assessments without the risk, cost and time associated with deploying traditional field adjusting resources during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is VIaaS?

VIaaS involves Claim Central’s remote desktop assessors connecting directly with policyholders to inspect and assess their claims using our live video streaming and collaboration platform Livegenic. VIaaS meets every insurer’s need to ensure the safety of all stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic by removing the need for physical site attendance.

VIaaS provides three options to augment your existing adjusting staff or serve as an independent virtual inspection firm.

  • Option 1: Live video technology platform only
  • Option 2: Technology platform + live video inspection services for property and motor claims
  • Option 3: Technology platform + live video inspection, estimate and reporting services for property claims and motor claims

Benefits of VIaaS

Virtual Inspections offers your business a range of benefits including:

  • Digital technology: Fully digital process using the industry leading virtual collaboration platform.
  • Trained virtual inspectors: Claim Central has inspectors trained to use live video streaming, conduct remote inspections and write repair estimates based on digital media.
  • Fixed pricing: One fixed per-claim fee for technology and service.
  • Quick turnaround: Initial review and first contact within 24hrs. Estimate & report written within 24hrs of virtual inspection.
  • Scalable, high volume capacity
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Superior customer experience with real-time interaction/engagement
  • Global distributed pools of assessors/inspectors
  • Proven model on thousands of claims

A better customer experience

Virtual Inspections offers a superior customer experience through:

  • One click collaboration, no downloads required
  • Record live video, audio, pictures, measurements, and document e-sign
  • Offline option with onscreen guidance
  • Customisable engagement scripts, SMS messages and emails
  • Inspection completed in as little as 24 hours from FNOL
  • Report and estimate submission within 24 hours of inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VIaaS work?

VIaaS is a combined technology and service solution that allows a trained virtual desk assessor to virtually connect with policyholders in real time. Video and audio are recorded, photos can be captured, measurements taken, documents uploaded and signed. The collected information is used to write an estimate and prepare a summary report to submit back to the carrier.

Do I need a computer, a smartphone or both?

Policyholders can use a smart phone or tablet. They will receive a text message with either a link to a customer portal (no download necessary) or a downloadable app. They choose how they want to engage with us.

Are there any known limitations with virtual inspections?

The virtual inspection is performed with the policyholder, therefore the only limitation is the extent to which the policyholder can show the damage. Typical use cases are high frequency, lower severity claims that include interior damage, non-roof exterior damage, fences, personal property or the need to triage the loss.

How secure is the solution?

Robust internal controls have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access to any content that users share during live collaboration, including, but not limited to, the video and audio. These controls have been validated through SOC2 Type II Certification.

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