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Claims management platform

ClaimLogik Plus is an end-to-end claims lifecycle management system, built with the vision of providing a single platform that connects all parties involved in resolving a claim.

Total Customisation

ClaimLogik Plus is completely configurable to ensure minimal dependency on your IT team and faster go to market.


Key Features

ClaimLogik Plus provides a seamless claim workflow and a complete end-to-end solution.



We offer three editions of ClaimLogik Plus:

  • Growth Edition – best suited to smaller businesses
  • Business Edition – best suited to SME-scale insurers, broker networks or MGA’s
  • Enterprise Edition – best suited to higher volume claims handling such as TPAs or larger insurers
  Growth Business Enterprise
Users 20 100 unlimited
Annual claims included 850 3000 10000
Policy Admin system integrations 1 1 3


Claims Module

The Claims Module is core to the product and is included in all editions. Features of the claims module include:

  • Internal claims lodgement
  • Claim reports
  • Claim management
  • Triage and live collaboration
  • Assessment
  • Emergency assistance
  • Supplier allocation
  • Reserve management
  • Notes – internal and external notes
  • Document management
  • Photo library
  • Claim logs
  • Task management


Extended Features

  Growth Business Enterprise
Claims Module
Management dashboard
Communications to supplier – email and SMS
Accounting integration
Email communication from claims
Automated notifications to insurer and insureds
Management reports and dashboard
Claims management features
Finance layer
Policy Admin integration – one policy system
Claims bordereaux reporting
Workflow task module
Branded online lodgement  
Broker module  
Branded comms SMS + email  
Any-time customer feedback  
Complaints management  
Automated activity reminders  
Automated claim assignment  
Assessment module  
Policy Admin system integration 1 1 3
RESTful API integrations  
Supply chain module    
Repair management    
Concierge Plus app    
Data warehouse integration    
Bank reconciliation module    





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