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Digital repair network

TradesPlus is a cloud-based platform that connects insurers DIRECTLY with an on-demand marketplace of suppliers to carry out claim-related services and property repairs.

Suppliers are pre-screened for appropriate licenses and backgrounds which provides confidence that they are reliable and will not engage in predatory practices or the use of AOBs.

Insurers have direct access to suppliers including:

  • Contractors
  • Emergency Services
  • Inspectors
  • Adjusters
  • Experts
  • Housing

TradesPlus helps insurers take back control of their claims through:

  • Direct connection – no middleman when searching, assigning and managing suppliers
  • Self-service ensures complete transparency when managing suppliers directly
  • Access to all documents, photos, videos, agreements etc in one platform
  • Rate suppliers on their work and performance
  • Better customer experience through the ability for customers to rate suppliers
  • No cost
  • Plug-n-play into an existing on-demand network of reliable, pre-vetted suppliers
  • 3 year warranty on contractor work
  • Speed up claims through a standardized, insurance-compliant process
  • Manage claim costs by allocating jobs directly or through competitive bidding 

To learn more about TradesPlus and how it can improve your claim outcomes, visit

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