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LiveLogik is the leading real-time video and collaboration platform for underwriting and claims management. LiveLogik has revolutionised the end-to-end claims process through its ability to gather critical information instantaneously – eliminating delays and reducing the number of on-site visits required.

LiveLogik allows your customers, field staff and contractors to stream live video, photos and reports to your desktop technician during quoting, inspections or service calls. This allows the technician to gather critical and relevant information, which eliminates delays and reduces the number of on-site visits. It also improves the quality and timeliness of the triage process – reducing confusion, complexity and rework through innovative and easy to use communication to deliver outstanding results.

What is LiveLogik?

The platform consists of three components:

  • LiveLogik Concierge – mobile app and ‘app-less’ web access for your customers
  • LiveLogik Enterprise – mobile app for your field staff (for offline or online)
  • LiveLogik Web Portal – for your support team/desktop technicians to review all captured videos, photos and reports which are securely stored.


Key features

  • Live video collaboration from customers (or field technicians) to your desktop technicians
  • App-less live video streaming – removing the need for costly app downloads, logins or installs. Connect to your customer in seconds with a simple web link. 
  • Digital signing – digitally sign documents in a matter of seconds
  • Mobile payments – collect payments from customers on any device instantly
  • On-screen guidance – guide your customers with easy to follow on screen instructions to improve the quality of video captured. Fully automated, no phone calls required.
  • Deliver custom text and video instructions – guide your customers with custom-designed text and video instructions pages.
  • Write and exchange notes with customers and collaborators – customers can create and exchange notes with their inside contacts, with all notes saved to the job file for review.
  • Measurement and visual analytics
  • It works both online and offline
  • All documentation, videos, pictures and audio are securely stored in one place
  • Built-in geo-locator to identify user’s location and reduce the risk of fraud
  • PDF reporting function allows reports to be compiled in seconds.

Key benefits

LiveLogik provides a greatly enhanced customer experience at the FNOL stage of a claim thanks to a faster, more accurate live collaboration process. Other benefits include:

  • 67% improvement in accuracy of allocation of resources and equipment
  • 38% increase in technician capacity
  • 25% reduction in report submission lifecycle
  • 44% reduction in travel costs



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