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Why us

Experience you can count on

Claim Central’s 20+ years of on-the-ground experience has seen us manage 150,000+ claims, including 198 catastrophe/weather events, for clients and policyholders in Australia and New Zealand.

Why is Claim Central different?

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Your one-stop shop, Australia & New Zealand-wide

Whatever the job, wherever it is, we have you covered:
  • Assessors, estimators, trades and resto techs
  • Metro, regional and rural coverage
  • One stop shop for restoration, repairs and maintenance

Outstanding trade network

400+ trades, resto techs and specialists covering Australia and New Zealand. Processes in place for:
  • Licensing
  • Pre-vetting
  • Performance management and scorecarding
  • Competitive tendering model to reduce costs

Reduce your repair costs

  • Competitive tendering model for trades and resto techs quoting on repairs
  • Aggregated group discounts on materials and supplies
  • Cost competitive across metro, regional and rural locations
  • Technology and data insights drive continual cost reduction
  • Dedicated and experienced project management and supervisors

Better technology, better experience

Our platforms drive better experiences for everyone:
  • Custom-built repair management platform
  • Custom-built live video streaming and virtual collaboration platform
  • Virtual inspections capability
  • Plan ahead for catastrophe weather events

Data insights that drive better results

We use data insights to drive continual improvement:
  • Optimise job cost, lifecycle, quality and customer experience
  • Access easier, faster and deeper insights
  • Enable early intervention to reduce the impact of “off-track” repair jobs
  • Use predictive modelling to optimise future outcomes

Meet Clover, our chatbot for policyholders

Claim Central are excited to introduce our newest team member, Clover the chatbot! Clover is available 24/7 to respond to your queries at any point during your claim. Where further support is required, our Customer Service team is available during business hours to chat with you.

Happier policyholders

Fixed my roof, ceiling and garage due to storm damage. Very good customer service and they have very good tradies working for them.
–  Hendra

We were most pleased and satisfied both by the expediency and quality of the work and would recommend Claim Central to anyone in a similar situation.
– Pat

My experience was beyond what I had expected. Truly great workmanship and very pleasant. Knew exactly what they were doing.
– Kaye

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