Pay excess

Grow your business through more work opportunities

As a trade of Claim Central you will get more work and be highly recommended by us. You also get access to discounts on your materials spend.

Immediate work with ongoing opportunities

Access discounts on materials and supplies through our Mates Rates program

No more paperwork – use our easy digital platform to manage jobs

Work with our team of construction and building experts

Price jobs from the comfort of your office


How it works

  1. Complete the online Expression of Interest form
  2. We’ll review your submission and get further details
  3. You’ll be onboarded into Claim Central
  4. Start receiving work opportunities right away!
is all you pay for every job you win
  • No up front or annual fees
  • No lock in commitment
  • Huge discounts on your materials


Why do Claim Central need trades?

Claim Central has a network of 750+ independent trades that we contract to work on our property repair jobs. Our role is to manage the entire repair process, and part of that involves appointing independent trades (repairers) to carry out the actual repairs – and that’s where you come in! We’re looking for all types of trades – plumbers, roofers, painters, plasterers, electricians, carpenters, minor maintenance and many more.

What is the online Expression of Interest?

The online Expression of Interest is a simple form that you need to complete in order to come on board as a trade partner. It asks a range of different questions about your business so we can find out whether there is an opportunity for you. Things like the servces you offer, the locations you cover, your capacity and size, license, insurances etc.

What does it cost me to be on the trade panel?

Joining the trade panel is a completely risk-free proposition. There is no up front cost to join the trade panel. Nor are there any ongoing annual fees. The only fee is a small 4.95% of every job you win. So you only ever incur a cost if you are actually winning work! We have found this model to be extremely competitive to other offerings in the market, and it means you will never be out of pocket if you are not winning jobs.

How do I get job opportunities?

It’s quite simple. Once you submit your Expression of Interest, are accepted and then onboarded into Claim Central, you are elegible to receive jobs straight away. Our online portal notifies you via SMS and email every time you are offered a job to quote on. All you need to do is login to the portal and price the job based on the specs we give you – and we’ll notify you if you win the job (again by SMS and email).

How do I get discounts on my material spend?

One of the main perks of joining the trade panel is the access to materials discounts! We have agreements with some of Australia’s largest materials suppliers so that you get the best rates. The discount process varies slightly for each supplier, so we’ll give you all the details once you join up.

What our trades say

I did some maintenance work for a customer prior to her claim, then 6 months later she called me up to renovate her bathroom. One referral can lead to a great amount of work down the track.

David, Sphere Plumbers

Claim Central recommended me to a customer who then recommended me to their friend, who mentioned me to their brother… one lead can lead to a dozen.

Staff member, Sarkis Electrical

Claim Central have referred me to more customers than I can remember, it’s really helped to grow my business and get my brand out there into the market place.

Staff member, Impact Electrical

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