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Who is Claim Central and why are they managing my claim?

Claim Central Consolidated is Australia’s insurance industry leader in outsourced claims management services for property, motor and cyber claims with a global footprint in the United States, South Africa, Italy and New Zealand. In regards to property claims, we manage the entire restoration and repair process on behalf of insurers for domestic and commercial property claims.

How long does it take for my insurance company to make a decision on my claim?

There is a process that needs to be followed and your insurance company wants to make sure that they have properly reviewed your claim to ensure that they have made the appropriate decision.
Once either Claim Central or your insurer has all the relevant information, a determination on your claim will take up to 10 days.

Where could I find a copy of my PDS?

You can find your Insurance PDS by visiting your insurer’s website and searching for your policy & cover type, or by contacting your insurance company directly.

How long do repairs normally take?

Repair times depend on the complexity of the job and availability of materials. When Claim Central appoints a repairer we discuss a start and end date with them and the repair supervisor allocated will discuss this with you, taking into account any of your requirements - and re-set dates as needed. Of course during repair, we may come across unforeseen issues and these may impact the time to repair.

Why are there different tradesmen from different companies coming to my property?

Claim Central has a network of 1,000+ independent trades that we contract to work on our property repair jobs. Our role is to manage the entire repair process, and part of that involves appointing independent trades (repairers) to carry out the actual repairs (eg carpenters, roofers, plasterers etc).

Will I be provided with the value of the job cost/quote?

Claim Central are unable to advise the value of repairs as this cost is incurred by your insurer and is information relating to them only. The value of the claim should be of no consequence to the customer as you are entitled to be returned to your pre-loss position in a like for like manner and that is what the customer should focus on.

Can I remove damaged items from my property?

We would prefer all items be left at the property until our property assessor attends or we have sighted these. If the items are unsafe in any way please take as many pictures as possible before disposing of these.


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