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Head of Claim Central Property’s division for Australia and New Zealand focus on success

Martin Maguire is the Head of Claim Central Property’s division for Australia and New Zealand.

Martin Joined Claim Central Consolidated eight years ago, in the frontline working with the emergency and customer service divisions. Martin gained significant experience on the claims process but most importantly the customer journey. Through natural progression Martin was promoted to  Process Enhancement Manager where he led initiatives  delivering cost, quality and lifecycle using data, technology, process, and people.

During his time in this role Martin successfully implemented  live video streaming  into the claims process where customers were able to have their claims assesses and claim decisions made same day.  Martin was then promoted to Livegenic APAC Product Manager and had successfully acquired clients in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Martin then developed a global support function with Global CEO Brian Siemsen called Continuous Improvement. Their strategy was to think globally but act locally. Through the success of this division, Martin was promoted to The Head of Claim Central Property for Australia and New Zealand, in November 2019.

Focus on success

Through each one of Martin’s roles, he attained skills that contributed to some factors of his success.

Picking up a wealth of knowledge and experience across operations, tech and data, Martin always maintained a customer first focus mentality. Throughout his Claim Central Consolidated career Martin, has ideated, created and implemented initiatives and projects linked to the company’s goals and vision. Furthermore, learning product development and emerging and implementing customer self-service technologies into the claim process.

Martin also credits Claim Central Consolidated company value of ‘fearless ambition’ as a key contributing factor. As this allowed him to try new innovations, strategies and structures but critically not afraid to fail.

“Bringing in my continuous improvement passion and skill in business strategy planning and project delivery has helped change operations at Claim Central’s property division.”

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