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How does Claim Central Property achieve a 9.42/10 customer service rating?

When Claim Central Property is allocated to handle your customer’s claim and property repair, we ensure that we provide best in class service. Over the past eight months we have implemented improvement initiatives that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

In July 2020, Claim Central had a score of 8.12/10 for our average service rating feedback submitted by customers. As a result of the initiatives impact, we have seen an improvement to 9.4/10 in January 2021, indicating our industry leading service.

We constantly and proactively update customers at every stage of the claim and provide a point of contact for each step. We set clear expectations with customers at the very beginning of the claim and manage those expectations successfully through to final QA.

We monitor the quality of the repairs through repair supervision, site presence and the ability to virtually connect with the customer to conduct a customer and trade sign off on the final repairs. This is to validate and ensure customers are satisfied with their property repair and their lives can get back to normal.

The significant increase in our service rating score indicates the impact of our improvement initiatives that cover cost, quality, lifecycle and above all customer satisfaction.

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