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“We exist to make insurance claims easier for insurers and customers.”

Claim Central Consolidated is a global claims solutions business that provides services, technology and data insights to make managing claims easier. Founded in 2002, we are trusted by many leading insurers, brokers and underwriters in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa.

As claims innovation pioneers, our focus from day one has been on “what’s next”. We have never been constrained by the status quo and nor do we intend to be. We don’t have all the answers yet – but day by day we continue the search for smarter processes, brilliant technology and amazing people that will help take us there.

With fearless ambition, we’re looking to the next horizon and it’s a lot closer than many people think. Recent years have provided a huge wake up call to the insurance industry that the status quo just doesn’t cut it anymore. Innovation truly is the key to a better claim experience ñ for insurers, brokers, and most importantly, customers.

We’ve learned from experience that at the end of the day, it’s not just about technology – whether it’s AI, automation, virtual reality or other next-generation capabilities – what really matters is how we utilise it to get customers’ lives back to normal faster. We know that while tomorrow is important, it’s absolutely vital that our solutions and service delivery bring success to our clients today.

Our vision is to make claims faster, cheaper and most importantly, easier – one click, one tap, one phone call at a time. We invite you to join us as we lead the charge to making that vision a reality.

The Claims Toolkit®

The Claims Toolkit® is your connected, modular suite of solutions that makes claims easier for you and your customers, while driving deeper insights.



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